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From inflight entertainment systems, to cockpit instruments and wing lights, the aircraft electrical system is involved in some facet. Aircraft electrical systems are large, self-contained networks of components that power an aircraft. Let’s take a look at how these systems operate.

Bearings are omnipresent components that handle rolling motions. Designed to reduce friction and transfer loads and motions, bearings are a crucial part of all kinds of machinery.

There are an estimated 320 miles of cabling and wires on the Airbus A380. Of course, passengers don’t see any of these cables as they are bundled up and discreetly hidden behind seat covers, overhead compartments, and concealed within galley space. This extensive system of wires connects more or less every aspect of the aircraft together. The entertainment system, electrical appliances in the galley, and the electronic equipment in the cockpit all rely upon the interconnectivity of various cables and wires. There are different types of cables each with their capabilities and uses. This blog will detail some of the most common types of wires and cables found in aircraft.

A variable resistor is a device that has the capacity to adjust electrical resistance. They are typically utilized when working with electrical circuitry as they are able to control different voltages and currents. Variable resistors are user friendly and come with a wiper contact that can be slid up or down the resistance track. The wiper contact position on the resistance track is what determines the true resistance value.

Turbine engine ignition systems usually operate for a brief period because the combustor only needs an initial spark. Once ignited, the ignition system is switched off and the fuel remains burning. However, there is potential for the engine to flame out— it'll stop burning. Because of this possibility, continuous ignition is used during critical periods, such as during takeoff, landing, and in emergency situations. This is different from a reciprocating engine, in which the sparks are timed to ignite during various times in the operating cycles.

There really is no right or wrong answer to the question of “which is better, solid state relays or electromechanical relays?” You’ll hear different things with different reasons, depending on who you ask. It’s best to learn the differences between the two and make that judgement for yourself.

What is the importance of a turbocharger in a plane's engine?. A turbocharger is a vital component for the plane when climbing to a high altitude. Piston driven aircraft rely on the compression of air for combustion. But, because there is less air pressure at higher altitudes, there is less air to compress. This is where the turbocharger comes into play.

Engines power more than just our cars, they also power aircraft, from the smallest helicopter to the largest planes. Here’s a list of the 12 most powerful aircraft engines in the world based on thrust, power, and total capacity. Engines power more than just our cars, they also power aircraft, from the smallest helicopter to the largest planes. Here's a list of the 12 most powerful engines in the world based on thrust, power, and total capacity.

Molex recently released a new D-Sub Earthing Connector with one interesting quality that’s sure to stand out –its waterproof! That’s right, now you can be sure your IP66 and IP67 are protected from stray voltages and water invasion through a more secure connection to the earth.  Additionally, there is a cap attached to the connector that allows the connector to be IP protected; International Protection (IP) refers to the level of protection against penetration from foreign matters such as dust and water.

In an effort to increase commercial sales and strengthen their market position, Elbit Systems Ltd has officially taken on Universal Avionics. On April 11, 2018, Elbit announced they had acquired Universal’s assets for a total purchase price of about $120 million. Now, Universal Avionics is set to lead commercial sales in North America under Elbit’s Commercial Aviation Business Line.

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