Wintec Industries Board Level Electronic Components List

Wintec Industries electronic parts such as W7SD004GHXA-H60PD-2Q2 A3, W7CF256M1XA-H30PB-002 02, W7CF008G1XA-H20PB-4Q2 01, W7EU001G1XC-SM0PB-002 01, W7EU002G1XC-SM0PB-02D 01 are in stock and ready to ship from Veritable Aviation. Our extensive catalog of parts with their corresponding part numbers and a short description such as Memory Card Sd 2Gb 2Gb Sd (Secure Digital) - - -, Compact Flash Industrial 4G 4Gb Compactflash« - - -, Memory Card Sd 4Gb 4Gb Sd (Secure Digital) - - -, Compact Flash Indust 256Mb F3 256Mb Compactflash« - - -, Compact Flash Industrial 8Gb F2 8Gb Compactflash« - - - is at your disposal immediately. At Veritable Aviation, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have made it our goal to revolutionize the parts procurement process. To see our innovative way of doing business, submit an RFQ below.

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Part No Description QTY RFQ
W7SD002G1XA-H60PB-02D 02 memory card sd 2gb 2gb sd (secure digital) - - - Avl RFQ
W7CF004G1XAI-H41PD-04D A5 compact flash industrial 4g 4gb compactflash« - - - Avl RFQ
W7SD004GHXAI-H60PD-2Q2 A3 memory card sd 4gb 4gb sd (secure digital) - - - Avl RFQ
W7SD004GHXA-H60PD-2Q2 A3 memory card sd 4gb 4gb sd (secure digital) - - - Avl RFQ
W7CF256M1XA-H30PB-002 02 compact flash indust 256mb f3 256mb compactflash« - - - Avl RFQ
W7CF008G1XA-H20PB-4Q2 01 compact flash industrial 8gb f2 8gb compactflash« - - - Avl RFQ
W7EU001G1XC-SM0PB-002 01 embedded usb 1gb ind flash 1gb - - module Avl RFQ
W7EU002G1XC-SM0PB-02D 01 embedded usb 2gb ind flash 2gb - - module Avl RFQ
W9V308647PA-333 module sdram 133 64mb 144sodimm sdram 64mb 133mhz - 144-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD3UE02GX818-1333K-PE module ddr3-1333 1gb 240-dimm ddr3 sdram 1gb 1.333ghz - 240-dimm Avl RFQ
WD2FE08GX836-667G-PA module ddr2-667 8gb 240-fbdimm ddr2 sdram 8gb 667mhz - 240-fbdimm Avl RFQ
WD2FE04GX436-667G-PQ module ddr2-667 4gb 240-fbdimm ddr2 sdram 4gb 667mhz - 240-fbdimm Avl RFQ
WD2RE02GX818-667I-PFI module ddr2 dram 2g 240-rdimm ddr2 dram 2gb 667mhz - 240-rdimm Avl RFQ
W4E232646LA-7 5 module ddr sdram 256mb 184-dimm ddr sdram 256mb 266mhz - 184-dimm Avl RFQ
WD3RE02GX809-1333L-PDI module ddr3 dram 2g 240-rdimm ddr3 dram 2gb 1.333ghz - 240-rdimm Avl RFQ
WD2RE01GX809-667G-PF dram ddr2 1gb 240rdimm ddr2 dram 1gb 667mhz - 240-rdimm Avl RFQ
WD3SE04GX818-1333L-PD module ddr3 dram 4g 204-sodimm ddr3 dram 4gb 1.333ghz - 204-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD2SN02GX816-667G-PF dram ddr2 2gb 200sodimm ddr2 dram 2gb 667mhz - 200-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD2FE01GX818-667G-PE module ddr2-667 1gb 240-fbdimm ddr2 sdram 1gb 667mhz - 240-fbdimm Avl RFQ
WD3UE01GX809-1333K-PE module ddr3-1333 1gb 240-dimm ddr3 sdram 1gb 1.333ghz - 240-dimm Avl RFQ
WD2FE02GX436-667G-PE module ddr2-667 2gb 240-fbdimm ddr2 sdram 2gb 667mhz - 240-fbdimm Avl RFQ
WD2FE01GX809-667G-HE module ddr2-667 1gb 240-fbdimm ddr2 sdram 1gb 667mhz - 240-fbdimm Avl RFQ
WD2UE02GX818V-667G-PQ module ddr2-667 2gb 240-dimm vlp ddr2 sdram 2gb 667mhz - 240-dimm Avl RFQ
WD2UE01GX809V-667G-PQ module ddr2-667 1gb 240-dimm vlp ddr2 sdram 1gb 667mhz - 240-dimm Avl RFQ
WD2AE512X809-667G-PE module ddr2-667 512mb 200sordimm ddr2 sdram 512mb 667mhz - 200-sordimm Avl RFQ
W9D308647PA-333 module sdr133 sdram 64mb 168dimm sdram 64mb 133mhz - 168-dimm Avl RFQ
WD3SN04GX816-1333K-PE module ddr3-1333 4gb 204-sodimm ddr3 sdram 4gb 1.333ghz - 204-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD3SN02GX816-1333K-P module ddr3-1333 2gb 204-sodimm ddr3 sdram 2gb 1.333ghz - 204-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD3SN02GX808-1333K-PE module ddr3-1333 2gb 204-sodimm ddr3 sdram 2gb 1.333ghz - 204-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD3SN01GX808-1333K-PE module ddr3-1333 1gb 204-sodimm ddr3 sdram 1gb 1.333ghz - 204-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD2UN512X808-667G-PE module ddr2-667 512mb 240-dimm ddr2 sdram 512mb 667mhz - 240-dimm Avl RFQ
WD2AE01GX809-667G-PE module ddr2-667 1gb 200-sordimm ddr2 sdram 1gb 667mhz - 200-sordimm Avl RFQ
WD2SN02GX816-667I-PF module ddr2 dram 2g 200-sodimm ddr2 dram 2gb 667mhz - 200-sodimm Avl RFQ
W9V332647HA-333 module sdram 133 256mb 144sodimm sdram 256mb 133mhz - 144-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD1SN256X808-400C-PN module ddr-400 256mb 200-sodimm ddr sdram 256mb 400mhz - 200-sodimm Avl RFQ
WD2RE04GX836-667G-PFI module ddr2 dram 4g 240-rdimm ddr2 dram 4gb 667mhz - * Avl RFQ
WD2RE04GX836-667I-PFI module ddr2 dram 4g 240-rdimm ddr2 dram 4gb 667mhz - 240-rdimm Avl RFQ
W9D316647LC-333 module sdr133 sdram128mb 168dimm sdram 128mb 133mhz - 168-dimm Avl RFQ
W9Q316647LB-222 module sdr100 sdram128mb 168dimm sdram 128mb 100mhz - 168-dimm Avl RFQ
W9Q308727KD-222 module sdr100 sdram 64mb 168dimm sdram 64mb 100mhz - 168-dimm Avl RFQ
W9Q308727KD-222K module sdr100 sdram 64mb 168dimm sdram 64mb 100mhz - 168-dimm Avl RFQ
WD3RE04GX818-1333L-PDI module ddr3 dram 4g 240-rdimm ddr3 dram 4gb 1.333ghz - 240-rdimm Avl RFQ
W4E216646LA-7 5 module ddr sdram 128mb 184-dimm ddr sdram 128mb 266mhz - 184-dimm Avl RFQ
SLM24XXEVB evaluation kit for slm24xx telecom modem - - - Avl RFQ
SL24XXEVB evaluation kit for sl24xx telecom modem - - - Avl RFQ
587B-5CL NA Avl RFQ
9-1415(C) filter Avl RFQ
DE03-L128G NA Avl RFQ
MT4D512326-6 NA Avl RFQ
QT2035PBKCE bga Avl RFQ
SLM2456 NA Avl RFQ
SLM2493 NA Avl RFQ
W4K216646QA-6Q 128mb ddr333 Avl RFQ
W4K232646HA75P NA Avl RFQ
W4K264646HA7Q NA Avl RFQ
W7CF128M1XA-H20PC-00 oem/cm excess Avl RFQ
W7CF256M1XA-H0P2.1 ic,compactflash,256mb,module Avl RFQ
W7CF256M1XA-H20PB-00 oem/cm excess Avl RFQ
W7EU002G1XD-E50MC-00 oem/cm excess Avl RFQ
W7EU008GDXC-S50MC-2D oem/cm excess Avl RFQ
W7US004G1XA-S20PB-2Q oem/cm excess Avl RFQ
W9B516080UA610918 NA Avl RFQ
W9C502325LA-6Q NA Avl RFQ
W9C504325AE-6J semiconductor Avl RFQ
W9C504325EA-6 semiconductor Avl RFQ
W9C504325EA-6W semiconductor Avl RFQ
W9C508325EA-6H NA Avl RFQ
W9C508365EA-6 NA Avl RFQ
W9E502320LA-6P NA Avl RFQ
W9E504360BA-6 NA Avl RFQ
W9M302647JA0 NA Avl RFQ
W9M308727KD8 NA Avl RFQ
W9M316727LA8K NA Avl RFQ
W9R316647LA0 NA Avl RFQ
W9R316647LA0K NA Avl RFQ
W9R316647LAO NA Avl RFQ
W9R316647LAOK NA Avl RFQ
W9R332647LB222K NA Avl RFQ
W9R332647LB222S NA Avl RFQ
WD1SN01GF816-333B-QC 128mb pc66 sdram 168-pin sdram ram memory Avl RFQ
2220578-1A filter Avl RFQ
35111141 NA Avl RFQ
39955383C/802-03657 pc2-5300-4gb/fbd/mm Avl RFQ
39955383C/802-05761 pc2-5300-4gb/fbd/mm Avl RFQ
39955383C/802-0912 pc2-5300-4gb/fbd/mm Avl RFQ

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