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Acf electronic parts such as HC8B-62C24-0-0, SFM-04C16-B-0, PPB-06S08-0-B, HFN-25F-B-N, PPF-06C04-4-0 are in stock and ready to ship from Veritable Aviation. Our extensive catalog of Acf parts with their corresponding part numbers and a short description such as  is at your disposal immediately. At Veritable Aviation, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have made it our goal to revolutionize the Acf parts procurement process. To see our innovative way of doing business, submit an RFQ below.
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Part No Description QTY RFQ
RP-332N05-4-0 3/32x5/16 *type 420* s/s roll pin Avl RFQ
SB-37C20-0-0 3/8-16x1-1/4 bhsc Avl RFQ
SPM-02C06-0-Z 2-56x3/8 slotted pan m/s z/p Avl RFQ
HC8B-62C24-0-0 5/8-11x1-1/2 gr8.2 hex c/s plain Avl RFQ
SFM-04C16-B-0 4-40x1 brass sltd flat m/s Avl RFQ
PPB-06S08-0-B #6x1/2 phil pan type b t/s b/o Avl RFQ
HFN-25F-B-N 1/4-28 brass finished hex nut nickel Avl RFQ
PPF-06C04-4-0 6-32x1/4 s/s phillips pan type f * 410 * t/s Avl RFQ
SSX-M3X4MM-S-0 m3x4mm s/s metric socket set screw cone point Avl RFQ
SSC-25C16-S-0 1/4-20x1 s/s socket set screw cup point Avl RFQ
SB-10F14-0-0 10-32x7/8 bhsc Avl RFQ
PPM-06C10-0-Z 6-32x5/8 phillips pan m/s z/p Avl RFQ
SFM-02C04-0-B 2-56x1/4 sltd flat m/s black ox Avl RFQ
PPM-10F07-0-B 10-32x7/16 phil pan m/s black ox Avl RFQ
SILW-M6-0-Z m6 metric internal serrated l/w z/p Avl RFQ
SP5-06S06-0-Z #6x3/8 sltd pan type 25 tc z/p Avl RFQ
SSC-25C06-S-0 1/4-20x3/8 s/s socket set cup point Avl RFQ
PFM-01C04-S-0 1-64x1/4 s/s phillips flat head m/s Avl RFQ
PPLW-M4X8MM-0-Z m4x8mm metric phillips pan split l/w sems z/p Avl RFQ
SF-10F07-S-0 10-32x7/16 s/s fhcs Avl RFQ
SPA-08S20-0-Z #8x1-1/4 sltd pan a t/s z/p Avl RFQ
HJN-M6-B-N m6 metric brass jam nut nickel Avl RFQ
RP-332N20-0-0 3/32x1-1/4 roll pin plain Avl RFQ
PLM-08C05-0-Z 8-32x5/16 phillips fillister m/s z/p Avl RFQ
PFM-04C05-0-ZD 4-40x5/16 phil flat m/s zinc ii Avl RFQ
SC-06C06-0-ZD 6-32x3/8 shcs zinc ii Avl RFQ
SPM-M2X8MM-S-0 m2x8mm metric s/s sltd pan m/s Avl RFQ
SBM-08C18-0-Z 8-32x1-1/8 sltd bind m/s z/p Avl RFQ
PPM-25C20-B-T 1/4-20x1-1/4 brass phil pan m/s tin plate Avl RFQ
PPM-M4X8MM-S-0 m4x8mm metric s/s phil pan m/s Avl RFQ
PPPT-M3X12MM-0-Z m3x12mm phillips pan type pt thread forming screw z/p Avl RFQ
HC8-62F104-0-0 5/8-18x6-1/2 gr8 hex c/s plain Avl RFQ
POA-06S32-S-0 #6-18x2 s/s phillips oval a t/s Avl RFQ
POA-10S28-0-Z #10x1-3/4 phillips oval type a t/s z/p Avl RFQ
SC-25C16-S-0 1/4-20x1 s/s shcs Avl RFQ
KM919-1 camloc spring retainer for km921-1 1/4 turn assembly Avl RFQ
HC5D-25C48-0-Z 1/4-20x3 gr5 hex c/s z/p Avl RFQ
SFW-1102-N-0 .315 x .625 x .062 nylon f/w Avl RFQ
SFA-04S12-0-Z #4x3/4 sltd flat a t/s z/p Avl RFQ
ILW-1724-4-0 1/2 410 s/s internal tooth lockwasher Avl RFQ
SLM-08C04-S-0 8-32x1/4 s/s sltd fillister m/s Avl RFQ
PPB-06S08-0-Z3 #6x1/2 phillips pan type b t/s z/p rohs compliant Avl RFQ
POM-10C10-S-0 10-24x5/8 s/s phillips oval m/s Avl RFQ
ILW-1220-0-B 3/8 internal tooth lockwasher black Avl RFQ
SC-25C08-S-0 1/4-20x1/2 s/s shcs Avl RFQ
PPM-04C04-0-B 4-40x1/4 phillips pan m/s black oxide Avl RFQ
SSB-0087 smalley 3 wave pre load spring Avl RFQ
SC-10F12-S-0 10-32x3/4 s/s shcs Avl RFQ
MS-35338-136 washer lock helical regular pattern 316 s/s series Avl RFQ
PPB-06S08-0-Z #6x1/2 phillips pan type b t/s z/p Avl RFQ
PPM-M3X12MM-0-Z3 m3x12mm metric phillips pan m/s z/p rohs compliant Avl RFQ
PFM-10C10-0-Z 10-24x5/8 phillips flat m/s z/p Avl RFQ
HLN-37C-0-Z 3/8-16 gr a prevailing torque locknut z/p Avl RFQ
MS-35338-141 washer lock helical regular pattern cres 300 series Avl RFQ
SFM-06C04-0-Z 6-32x1/4 slotted flat m/s z/p Avl RFQ
HL-50S40-0-0 1/2 x 2 1/2 hex lag screw Avl RFQ
HJN-43F-0-Z 7/16-20 hex jam nut z/p Avl RFQ
P1M-06C06-S-B 6-32x3/8 s/s phillips flat 100' m/s black oxide Avl RFQ
PPB-04S08-0-B #4x1/2 phil pan b t/s black Avl RFQ
SPM-06C16-4-0 6-32x1 type 410 s/s sltd pan m/s Avl RFQ
MSW-25N-0-Z-M .265x.563x.048 1/4 m/s flatwasher z/p ( m pak ) Avl RFQ
PPM-06C03-0-Z3 6-32x3/16 phillips pan m/s z/p rohs compliant Avl RFQ
SSC-0F02-0-0 0-80x1/8 alloy socket set screw cup point Avl RFQ
SPM-M3X20MM-0-ZBW m3x20mm metric slotted pan m/s zinc ibm blue wash Avl RFQ
PFM-25C06-0-Z 1/4-20x3/8 phil flat m/s z/p Avl RFQ
PPM-04C04-S-0 4-40x1/4 s/s phillips pan m/s Avl RFQ
SFW-08S08-0-Z #8x1/2 sltd flat w/s z/p Avl RFQ
HFN-M10-0-0 m10 metric hex finished nuts plain Avl RFQ
SP3-04C08-0-Z 4-40x1/2 sltd pan type 23 tc z/p Avl RFQ
SSC-04C08-0-0 4-40x1/2 socket set cup point Avl RFQ
PPM-04C03-0-Z3 4-40x3/16 phillips pan m/s z/p rohs compliant Avl RFQ
KN-06C-S-0 lp053011 Avl RFQ
HMN-08C-B-0 8-32 brass hex machine screw nut Avl RFQ
PPM-04C732-S-0 4-40x7/32 s/s phillips pan m/s Avl RFQ
HC2-25C56-0-Z 1/4-20x3-1/2 gr2 hex c/s z/p Avl RFQ
SC-37C128-0-Z 3/8-16x8 shcs z/p Avl RFQ
HWA-10S12-0-Z #10x3/4 indented hex washer unslotted type a t/s z/p Avl RFQ
PFA-12S32-0-B #12x2 phil flat a t/s black ox Avl RFQ
PBM-08C16-S-0 8-32x1 s/s phil binder m/s Avl RFQ
HJN-37C-0-Z 3/8-16 hex jam nut z/p Avl RFQ
PPM-04C20-0-B 4-40x1-1/4 phil pan m/s blk ox Avl RFQ
HWB-04S05-S-0 #4x5/16 s/s hwh b t/s Avl RFQ
SB-04C06-0-0 4-40x3/8 bhsc Avl RFQ
LPM-M2.5X8MM-S-0 m2.5x8mm s/s metric torx pan m/s Avl RFQ
SC-M10X25MM-S-0 m10x25mm metric s/s shcs Avl RFQ
PFM-08C20-S-0 8-32x1-1/4 s/s phillips flat m/s Avl RFQ
PFA-10S14-S-0 10x7/8 s/s phil flat a t/s Avl RFQ
SSC-31C32-0-Z 5/16-18x2 soc set cup pt z/p Avl RFQ
PPK2-06S06-0-B #6x3/8 phil pan tek 2 black ox Avl RFQ

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