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The Insulation Materials That Are Used Within Aircraft

Insulation and mounting is an important part of aircraft construction, such materials often being used to support the health, wellness, and safety of all on board. When procuring insulation or insulation mounting, it is important that one considers the types that they need for a given application, the form of aircraft that they are operating, whether materials meet FAA and OEM regulations, and more. In this blog, we will discuss the common roles that insulation and mounting serves for aircraft operations and safety, allowing you to best fulfill your operational needs with ease.

Noise Reduction

As aircraft are traversing the sky and various systems are in operation, a large amount of noise is generated. To mitigate the undesirable noise coming from engines, air flow, and other sources, insulation is used. Generally, thermal/acoustic blankets, elastomeric isolators, and other various materials are utilized to establish a quieter interior. Noise reduction insulation is also useful for the aircraft bulkhead as well. As materials may vary in their abilities, it is useful to choose those that provide optimal sound transmission loss while meeting all weight and aesthetic needs.

Thermal Insulation

The temperature of the surrounding atmosphere is also an important factor to consider, and insulation can assist in maintaining a required amount of thermal transfer. Generally, insulation is placed between the interior wall and fuselage, aircraft bulkhead, and aircraft ducting. While allowing for a comfortable temperature to be achieved, such materials can also reduce noise and vibration.

Fire Resistance

In areas where the breakout of a fire is a concern, aircraft insulation is paramount. Generally, these materials will be those that have flame-retardant features for the means of mitigating the chance of a fire starting, or minimizing its spread. FAA regulations also dictate that fire resistant insulation must be self-extinguishing.


Vibration can result from many things during a standard flight operation, and it is important that proper action is taken to minimize forces for the health of components and the comfort of passengers. By placing insulation outside of aircraft components such as trim panels, vibration can be reduced. Insulation mounting is also important for controlling the shock and structural noise that comes from areas such as the engines, propellers, and rotary wings of varying aircraft.


The flooring that lines the aircraft within the cabin and other sections will also take advantage of insulation, ensuring that ample noise reduction is achieved for further comfort of passengers and crew members alike. Typically, such insulation acoustical aircraft materials are lightweight in design, serving to both mitigate noise while also providing resistance against water, mildew, and oils that can damage components and create undesirable issues. By using lightweight materials, one can achieve all of their desired effects while ensuring minimal weight additions for the means of maintaining ample fuel efficiency.


Whether one requires insulation, insulation mounting, aircraft ducting, or other various components for their operations, Veritable Aviation can provide top-quality items with competitive pricing and rapid lead-times for your benefit. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we provide customers access to over 2 billion new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find components that have been sourced from leading global manufacturers that we trust. Take the time to explore our offerings at your leisure, and our team of industry experts is always on standby to assist you throughout the purchasing process however necessary. If you find items on our database that you wish to procure, we invite you to first begin with a quote for your comparisons which you may receive through the submission of an RFQ form as provided on our website. Get started today and see how Veritable Aviation can serve as your strategic sourcing partner for all your operational needs.


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