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Semiconductors and Their Market

A semiconductor is a material that has partial electrical conductivity. Electrical conductivity refers to a material’s ability to conduct an electric current, and as the name implies, the conductivity value of a semiconductor is between that of a conductor and that of an insulator. Semiconductors have many useful characteristics such as the ability to pass currents in one direction, variable resistance to currents, and sensitivity to heat and light.

Semiconductors’ ability to conduct electricity can be vastly improved by improving by adding ‘donor’ atoms to the crystalline structure. This process produces more free electrons, increasing the conductivity. Silicon and germanium are known as intrinsic semiconductors, meaning they are chemically pure and contain nothing other than semi-conductive materials. By controlling the amount of impurities in the material, it is possible to control its conductivity. The great majority of semiconductor chips and transistors are made from silicon or germanium, very common elements and the elements used to create diodes. A diode, the simplest semiconductor device, is a two-terminal electronic part that conducts current primarily in one direction. This is because, like all semiconductors, diodes have low to zero resistance in one direction and high to infinite resistance in the other.

Though they are a very common material, the semiconductor market has fluctuated greatly as of late. In the semiconductor market, and the electronic equipment market as a whole, fluctuation is common due to seasonal changes in product demand due to holidays and other factors. There is almost always an uptick in the semiconductor at the end of the year, when holiday presents are being purchased at a constant rate. Worldwide electronic sales start to increase as summer comes to a close before peaking at the end of fall, plummeting after the holiday season and into winter.

Though 2018 and early 2019 both saw increases in the number of suppliers in the global electronics supply chain, historically robust electronic equipment sectors such as automotive, data storage, and instruments saw decline. As a result, semiconductor and passive electronics saw declines as well. However, this is not reason to panic. In fact, projections for 2020 indicate semiconductor chip industry will see significant capital growth. There are obviously many factors at play, but the market is trending in the right direction.

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September 16, 2019

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