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Major Components of Turbochargers

What is the importance of a turbocharger in a plane's engine?. A turbocharger is a vital component for the plane when climbing to a high altitude. Piston driven aircraft rely on the compression of air for combustion. But, because there is less air pressure at higher altitudes, there is less air to compress. This is where the turbocharger comes into play.

The turbocharger allows the aircraft to operate as if it were operating at sea level (normal air pressure). There are 3 main parts to a turbocharger - the turbine, shaft, and compressor. The turbine is driven by exhaust expelled from the engine. The more exhaust produced, the more the turbine spins. The turbine is connected to the compressor via the shaft. The shaft is the connection between the turbine and the compressor. As the turbine spins, the compressor follows. The compressor spins and draws air in, compresses the air, and feeds the air into the engine.

The two supplementary components are the wastegate and intercooler. The wastegate provides a function similar to a relief valve. It is a diversion mechanism, which can be automatic or manually operated. The diversion of exhaust prevents any excessive turbine spinning, which can result in troublesome manifold pressure. The intercooler function may come as no surprise to most, it cools. A lot of heat is generated when air compresses. The combination of the engine and the boosting of the turbocharger, heat is present throughout the engine. The intercooler acts as an air conditioner, cooling the air from the turbocharger to the engine, reducing strain and ensuring that the engine is operating properly.

As stated before, the turbocharger allows piston-driven aircraft to reach desired altitudes. But a turbocharger is only useful if it is in good condition. To get all the parts you need to maintain and repair your turbocharger, visit us a Veritable Aviation.

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