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How Rivets Assist In Aircraft Manufacturing?

Rivets are common fasteners that serve a diverse set of applications, often coming in the form of a solid cylindrical shank with a head on one side. When passed through the preformed hole of a surface, the tail side of the fastener can be upset, establishing a second head that secures the component in place permanently. With their design and capabilities, rivets often serve as aircraft fasteners, aiding in the manufacturing process to create strong unions that can be steadily relied on. In this blog, we will discuss the various types of aircraft rivets that are used for construction, and how they are implemented. 

While there are numerous types of rivets that one may procure, the two primary variations that serve aircraft are the solid shank and blind rivet type. The solid shank rivet is a type that commonly aids in repair work, and such fasteners may vary in their head type, shank size, and temper condition to accommodate specific needs of the aircraft. A majority of such rivet aircraft components are constructed from aluminum alloy, following grades such as 1100, 2017-T, 2024-T, 2117-T, and 5056.

The 1100 solid rivet features a composition of 99.45% pure aluminum, allowing for it to be quite soft. As such, it can assist in the riveting of various softer aluminum alloys that are used for nonstructural parts. For other various alloy structures, the 2117-T rivet is an optimal choice for its “as-is” installation and corrosion resistance. Beyond such examples, other various types of aircraft rivets such as the 2017-T and 2024-T rivet may be relied on for areas where higher amounts of strength are needed.

Metal temper is an important characteristic that should be considered during the riveting process, many aluminum fasteners needing special care to remain soft during installation. In many instances, rivets may undergo heat treatment within an electric air furnace, salt bath, or hot oil bath in order to reach a certain temperature before being quenched in cold water. Once cooled, the rivet will then need to be quickly installed or placed within cold storage until they are ready to be implemented on the aircraft. 

In some areas of the aircraft, there may be locations where only one side of the assembly may be accessed for the installation of a fastener. In such instances, a solid shank rivet cannot be properly used. As an alternative, blind rivets are special aircraft fasteners that allow for an individual to conduct installation from one side of a structure with the use of special tools. Coming in the form of a rivet with an internal mandrel and pulling stem, the rivet is passed through a preformed hole before having its mandrel pulled to deform the component so that a second head may be established. Blind rivets are commonly used for the assembly of non-structural items, aiding in the installation of flooring, interiors, etc. 

Through the use of solid rivet components, blind rivets, and other types of aircraft rivets, various structures and components can be installed and secured with ease. At Veritable Aviation, we are your sourcing solution for top quality aircraft fasteners and parts such as pin rivet components, bolts, screws, and so much more. Take the time to explore our expansive inventory of items at your leisure, and our team of industry experts is always on standby to assist you through the purchasing process however necessary. If you have any questions regarding our offered services or are ready to initiate the purchasing process, give us a call or email at your earliest convenience and we would be more than happy to assist you however needed.


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