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Flight Simulator Market Trends

The flight simulator market is estimated to have a growth from $5.7 billion to $7.7 billion from 2019 to 2025, all with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%. The reason for this is because of the ever expanding aerospace industry and its needs. From the rises in commercial aircraft deliveries to increases in passenger air traffic, the need for more highly trained pilots is consistently growing. With flight simulators, pilots can safely, efficiently, and cheaply be trained and obtain expertise. Flight simulators also aid in accident investigation, which has seen an increase of interest with the new technological abilities simulators provide.

With simulators, the training of new pilots has never been faster or easier. From simple to robust simulation, pilots are able to undertake practice of multiple aircraft types, various scenarios, weather, and more without ever having to step into a real aircraft. This allows pilots to be trained thoroughly on a multitude of things without jeopardizing their safety, the aircraft’s, or causing any other financial or safety risk. This allows pilots to experience rare emergencies that would otherwise be impossible to do with a real plane in flight. With the advent of flight simulation, pilot training has effectively been cut in half for the amount of learning hours it takes to achieve certification and type rating.

As previously stated, flight simulators are also becoming ever more popular with accident investigation. They often allow investigators to replicate the issues that a pilot may have faced so that they can better understand what had gone wrong, either for investigation or improvement of safety. For example, if a pilot encountered heavy G-force that could have impaired motor movement and control, investigators can try and replicate that with an advanced simulator and recreate the environment.

 Altogether, these reasons create more desire and demand for aircraft simulators. While they are cost effective for training heavily needed new pilots, they also prove beneficial in increasing safety across sectors, which is better for everyone. Through simulators, new pilots can be highly skilled and have the knowledge and ability to avoid risks. Accidents can also be better investigated to gain new insights on dangers to better prevent them. In the constant growing aerospace industry, flight simulators will continue to pave the way for revolution of the market.

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