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Technical Standard Orders are the minimum performance standard issued by the U.S. FAA for specified materials, parts, processes, and applications. At Veritable Aviation, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we ensure quality assurance by cross referencing TSO part numbers, such as TSO-C6E, TSO-C46A, TSO-C3E, TSO-C2D, TSO-C115C from top manufacturers Innovative Solutions and Support, Inc., Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc., Irvin Manifatture Industrial S.P.A., IAI Golan Industries, II Morrow, Inc..

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TSO Number TSO Holder Name Part Model Number/Name
TSO-C6E innovative solutions and ... 9k-07049-1, 9k-07048-1, 9k-06653-1
TSO-C46A innovative solutions and ... p/n 9k-07048-5, p/n 9k-07048-3
TSO-C3E innovative solutions and ... 9k-06653-1, 9k-07048-1, 9k-07049-1
TSO-C2D innovative solutions & su... 9d-80210-30
TSO-C115C innovative solutions and ... p/n 9k-07048-3, p/n 9k-07048-5
TSO-C201 innovative solutions and ... p/n 9d-84090-1
TSO-C22F irvin manifatture industr... i.m.i. 5.4.4.
TSO-C43C innovative solutions and ... 9k-07049-1, 9k-07048-1
TSO-C127A iai golan industries soc421000-501/-502
TSO-C129 ii morrow, inc. 430-6050-2xx, model gx60 gps/comm, 430-6050-202, 430-6040-6xx, 430-6040-4xx, 430-0367-xx, 430-0267-4xx, 430-0267-3xx, 430-0267-2xx, 430-0251-2xx, 430-0267-1xx, 430-0341-1xx
TSO-C10B innovative solutions & su... 9d-80130 9d-80130-1
TSO-C37D icom america inc model ic-a200, p/n ic-a200 ver 100, model ic-a110, p/n ic-a110 ver 100
TSO-C55 instrument specialties co... 5707 series
TSO-C9B international telephone &... fs-104, fs-103, fs-102
TSO-C8E innovative solutions and ... 9k-07049-1, 9k-07048-1, 9k-06653-1, 9k-06476-1
TSO-C4C innovative solutions and ... p/n 9d-84090-1
TSO-C127A ipeco holdings limited 3a409-0007
TSO-C47 instrument specialties co... 4345 series
TSO-C43 instrument specialties co... 9018 5021 9031 9024 9017 5034 5022 5017 5012 5008 5007 5006 5029
TSO-C43 instrument specialties co... 5003
TSO-C10B innovative solutions & su... 9b, 03508
TSO-C2B instrument specialties co... 5802
TSO-C106 innovative solutions & su... 9b-81040
TSO-C146C innovative solutions and ... 9k-07048-1
TSO-C13D irvin manifatture industr... imi2.7.34
TSO-C2B instrument technology cor... 90-1000(7)
TSO-C118 innovative solutions and ... 9k-05118-7, 9k-05118-9, 9k-05118-12
TSO-C110A insight avionics inc. j2000-024, 2000-022, 2000-021-(xxx)
TSO-C8E innovative solutions and ... p/n 9d-84078
TSO-C6 instrument and flight res... sg-100, sg-200t, sg-500, sg-500p
TSO-C6E innovative solutions and ... p/n 9k-07048-5, p/n 9k-07048-3
TSO-C151B innovative solutions and ... 9k-05118-12, 9k-05118-7, 9k-05118-9
TSO-C66 itt federal laboratories 500, ain-150, afn-3544c, afn-3544-1, dme-100
TSO-C10B innovative solutions & su... 9d-80110-4, 9d-80110-6, 9d-80110-13, 9d-80110-15
TSO-C44C innovative solutions and ... 9k-06476-1, 9k-07048-1, 9k-07049-1
TSO-C2D innovative solutions and ... p/n 9d-84090-1
TSO-C40C innovative solutions and ... 9k-07048-1, 9k-07049-1, 9k-06653-1, 9k-05118-9, 9k-05118-3, 9k-05118-12, 9k-05118-1, 9k-05070-1, 9k-05118-7
TSO-C110A insight instrument corpor... sf-200
TSO-C8E innovative solutions and ... p/n 9k-07048-3, p/n 9k-07048-5
TSO-C38D icom america, inc. model a200 version 100, model ic-a110 version 100
TSO-C39B ipeco holdings limited oa 071-0015, oa142, oa134-0002f, oa134-0001/0002, oa134-0001f, 0a183-0001(f), oa112-0001/0002, oa 078-008, oa159-0007/8, oa 071-0016, 2383001-1, oa-0011/0012, oa185-0001(f) 3a185-0007-1, 3b613-0507-03...
TSO-C10B innovative solutions and ... 9k-04622-1, 9k-04590
TSO-C106 innovative solutions & su... 9b-81010-3, 9b-81010-26, 9b-81010-22
TSO-C57 instrument systems corp. ... n-181/gic-10, m-94a/a, 555d800
TSO-C39B iai golan industries awc 421000-503
TSO-C88A innovative solutions & su... 9d-80130-7, 9d-80130-11, 9d-80130-15
TSO-C66A in-flight devices corp. 210dme
TSO-C49B innovative solutions and ... p/n 9k-07048-3, p/n 9k-07048-5
TSO-C128 ii morrow, inc. apollo gx65, 430-6040-6xx, gx60, gx65, model gx60 gps/comm, 430-6040-200
TSO-C39C ipeco holdings limited 3a407-0010 3a407-0009 3a394-0010 3a394-0009
TSO-C113 innovative solutions and ... 9d-80617-1
TSO-C127A iai golan industries p/n kor421000-503
TSO-C46A innovative solutions & su... 9k-05118-7, 9k-05070-1
TSO-C106 innovative solutions and ... 9k-81078
TSO-C90C international composites ... 20-10006-101
TSO-C113 innovative solutions and ... 9k-05224-4, 9k-05224-1
TSO-C47 instrument specialties co... 9030
TSO-C5 instrument and flight res... sc-100
TSO-C127A iai golan industries soc423000-503/-504, soc421000-501/-502, soc422000-505/-506
TSO-C92C innovative solutions and ... p/n 9k-07048-5, p/n 9k-07048-3
TSO-C113A innovative solutions and ... p/n 9k-07048-5
TSO-C23B irving air chute co. inc. s-s-2, s-sb-1, s-s-1, srb-1-28, srb-1-24, s-qq-2, srb-1-30, s-l-2, stbw-1-32, s-l-1, s-ff-2, s-ff-1, s-qq-1, srb-1-32, srbw-1-24, srbw-1-28, gid76-106, srbw-1-30, stbw-1-30, srs-1-32, srbw-1-32, srs-1...
TSO-C39C ipeco holdings limited 3a394-0008 3a407-0008 3a407-0007 3a394-0007
TSO-C13F irvin aerospace s.p.a. 200571a
TSO-C113 innovative solutions and ... 9d-84073-1
TSO-C41D innovative solutions and ... p/n 9d-84078
TSO-C58A intricon corporation 755
TSO-C2D innovative solutions & su... 9d-01141-1, 9d-80210-13, 9d-80210-15, 9d-80210-16, 9d-80210-17, 9d-80210-3, 7h-80208-3
TSO-C39B iacobucci hf aerospace s.... hfst12
TSO-C46A innovative solutions and ... p/n 9d-84078
TSO-C3E innovative solutions and ... p/n 9d-84078
TSO-C88 instruments & flight rese... ifr41 5934 e41-34, e41-25, e41-20
TSO-C47 instrument specialties co... 4308 4344
TSO-C22F irvin great britain ltd. ah8, ab5, ah6/6, ah16/3
TSO-C90C integrated technologies, ... 2383-0100-0002, 2383-0100-0001
TSO-C139 intricon corporation model 6211, pn 6211-(xxxx)
TSO-C37D icom america, inc. model ic-a110 version 100, model a200 version 100
TSO-C6D innovative solutions and ... 9k-05118-3, 9k-05118-12, 9k-05118-7, 9k-05118-9, 9k-05070-1
TSO-C7D instrument and flight res... ifr 31-00/31-12/31-24
TSO-C37D ii morrow, inc. 430-6040-6xx, gx65, apollo gx65, 430-6040-200, gx60
TSO-C44C innovative solutions and ... p/n 9k-07048-5, p/n 9k-07048-3
TSO-C110A insight avionics sf2000 2000-021,-020,-022
TSO-C39C ipeco holdings limited 3b770-05081, 3b770-05071
TSO-C88A i.e.i. (aust.) pty. ltd. e9001
TSO-C2D innovative solutions & su... 9d80210-22
TSO-C90A innovationsbolaget frigot... ft-rak, ft-140001, ft-120001, 140003, ft-130001
TSO-C47 instrument specialties co... 9016
TSO-C106 innovative solutions and ... 9k-04429, 9k-04425, 9k-04382-1
TSO-C72C ipeco holdings limited 1a220-0270(f), 1a220-0269(f)
TSO-C113A innovative solutions and ... p/n 9d-84090-1

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