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Technical Standard Orders are the minimum performance standard issued by the U.S. FAA for specified materials, parts, processes, and applications. At Veritable Aviation, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we ensure quality assurance by cross referencing TSO part numbers, such as TSO-C9C, TSO-C9C, TSO-C80, TSO-C72C, TSO-C72C from top manufacturers Firstmark Aerospace Corporation, FFC Manufacturing, Flight Line Products, LLC, Flight Equipment & Engineering Corp., Fischer Entwicklungen GmbH & Co. KG.

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TSO Number TSO Holder Name Part Model Number/Name
TSO-C9C firstmark aerospace corpo... 2961167-1
TSO-C9C firstmark aerospace corpo... 2960268-9, 2960268-8, 2960268-10
TSO-C80 ffc manufacturing p2595, p2393, p2315
TSO-C72C flight line products, llc p/n fw0208029-003
TSO-C72C flight line products, llc p/n 0708048-001/-002, p/n 2208030-001/-002
TSO-C72C flight line products, llc fw080833-001
TSO-C72B flight equipment & engine... 29931/29876
TSO-C72B flight equipment & engine... 30990, 32527, 32218, 31607 31090 33034, 33220, 31290
TSO-C6D firstmark aerospace corpo... 2961182-1
TSO-C52B firstmark aerospace corpo... 2960268-8, 2960268-10, 2960268-9
TSO-C52B firstmark aerospace corpo... 2961167-1
TSO-C39C flight line products, llc fl10254, fl10254-404-02a
TSO-C39C fischer entwicklungen gm... 0304-000
TSO-C39C fast aero space technolog... 558dwg0400, 558dwg0300
TSO-C39C fast aero space technolog... 558dwg0600
TSO-C39C fast aero space technolog... 558dwg1300
TSO-C39C fast aero space technolog... 558dwg0500
TSO-C39C flight line products, llc fl10250, fl10250-404-03a
TSO-C39C flight line products, llc fl10250, 10250-401-02a
TSO-C39B filser electronic gmbh 16z-11, 165-3q, 165-61, 16y-10, 16y-50
TSO-C39B filser electronic gmbh 12394-013e, 12394-023e
TSO-C39A flight controls systems 2524.006
TSO-C39A flight controls systems 2523.611
TSO-C39A flight controls systems model 2523.612
TSO-C38D filser electronic gmbh 600-(xxx)-(xxx)
TSO-C38D filser electronic gmbh 500-(xxx)-(xxx), 600a-(xxx)-(xxx), 600r01-(xxx)-(xxx)
TSO-C37D filser electronic gmbh 600-(xxx)-(xxx)
TSO-C37D filser electronic gmbh 600r01-(xxx)-(xxx), 500-(xxx)-(xxx), 600a-(xxx)-(xxx)
TSO-C30C flight components ag 07-2700-xxxx
TSO-C30C flight components ag 03-260x-xxxx for type i and ii, 03-2701-xxxx for type iii
TSO-C23D firebird gmbh & co. kg p/n omega, p/n r-01, p/n quick, p/n v1r1-o-01
TSO-C23D firebird gmbh & co. kg p/n td400
TSO-C23C flight concepts internati... fci-t-425, fci 301, fci-t-525, fci 601, model fci 601, model fci 501, fci 201, model fci 401, model fci-t-525, model fci 301, model fci 101, model fci-t-425, fci 501, fci 401, fci 101, model fci 201
TSO-C148 fastener innovation techn... 4009638, s9421
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 4-s2c
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model knq-2
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 40s150-, model 40s136-, model 40s143-, model 40s146-, model 40s148-, model 40s156-, model 40s16-, model 40s160-, model 40s161-, model 40s166-, model 40s147-, model 40s104-, model 40s119-, model ...
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 311
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 340, model 316
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 40r23
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 4-ps2c
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 26s118
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 2600-es, model 2600-esa, model 2600-e2s, model 2600-esda, model 2600-esd, model 2600-esb, model 26s78-, model 2700
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 4002-sgf, model 4002-sod-, model 4002-sn-, model 4002-sgd-, model 4002-sg-, model 4002-snd
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 26s115
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 336
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 325, model 310
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 757, model 756, model 707w, model 707r, model 317, model 334
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 28s3, model 300-2600, model 326, model 315, model 307
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 40r18-, model 40r12-, model 40r26-, model 40r55-, model 40r39-, model 40r22-, model 40r50-, model 40r57-, model 40r60-, model 40r8-, model 40r31-, model 40r44-, model 706w, model 751, model 706r...
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 40g11-, model 40s39
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 40g9-, model 4002-p2-, model 4002-t-, model 4002-p3-, model 40g10, model 4002-o-, model 4002-n3-, model 4002-n2-, model 4002-n-, model 4002-h-, model 4002-g-, model 4002-f, model 4002-d, model 4...
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 40s142-, model 40g26-, model 40g42-, model r4t, model r4g-, model knqr-1, model bacr12x, model 335, model 328, model 320
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 99n10, model 26r32
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 4002-sw-, model 99w10-, model bacw10x, model 99w11-, model 26s139-, model 2600-sw-, model 2600-lw-, model 27s5-, model 28s4-, model 28s10-, model 26s56
TSO-C148 fastener innovation techn... 23037317
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners model 28s1-, model 309, model 324
TSO-C148 fastener innovation techn... 554947, a-1635, a-2513-(series)
TSO-C148 fastener innovation techn... aca1372, 5041, b-7280, j793
TSO-C148 fastener innovation techn... 43449, 6876741, 165686
TSO-C148 fastener innovation techn... aca2429-4, aca2067, pe21101, acb5077, pe21115
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 9702
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 1404
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0909
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0302
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0520-xxx-0xxx, p/n 0623-0-1x-yyyyyyyy
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0630
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0931-e-0-0-yyyy
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0520-xxx-1xxx
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0306
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0303
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 1021-a-xx0xx-xxxxx, p/n 1021-b-xx0xx-xxxxx, p/n 1021-c-xx0xx-xxxxx
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0520-xxx-3xxx
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0914-e
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0307-xxx-yyyyyy2y
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 1021-b-xx1xx-xxxxx, p/n 1021-a-xx1xx-xxxxx, p/n 1021-c-xx1xx-xxxxx
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0307-xxx-yyyyyy0y
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0820
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0904
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0623-0-0x-yyyyyyyy
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0520-xxx-2xxx
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... 0520-xxx-0xxx, 0520-xxx-3xxx
TSO-C127A flight line products, llc pb3-2006, pb3co-10041-401
TSO-C127A fischer entwicklungen gm... p/n 0520-xxx-2xxx, p/n 0520-xxx-1xxx
TSO-C127A flight line products, llc yb3-1008, p/n yb3co-10252-401
TSO-C127A flight line products, llc pb3-2006 pb3co-10021-404, pb3-2006 pb3co-10020-404
TSO-C127 fischer & entwicklungen g... type 185/410
TSO-C124A firstmark aerospace corpo... 2960268-10, 2960268-8, 2960268-9
TSO-C124A firstmark aerospace corpo... 2961167-1
TSO-C112C f.u.n.k.e. avionics gmbh p/n 800atc-h-(xxx)-(xxx) except:-(0xx),-(1xx),-(20x),-(3xx),-(r00)

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