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Technical Standard Orders are the minimum performance standard issued by the U.S. FAA for specified materials, parts, processes, and applications. At Veritable Aviation, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we ensure quality assurance by cross referencing TSO part numbers, such as TSO-C96A, TSO-C92C, TSO-C9, TSO-C74D, TSO-C74D from top manufacturers Emteq Europe GmbH, Astronautics Corp. of America, GE Aviation System LLC, Dayton-Granger, Inc., Garmin International.

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TSO Number TSO Holder Name Part Model Number/Name
TSO-C96A emteq europe gmbh pn 03-0001-xxxx (excluding 03-0001-0000)
TSO-C92C astronautics corp. of ame... 198040 with p/n 198241 198000 with pn 19723
TSO-C9 ge aviation system llc 7650c, p/n 140540-01-01, 7650b, p/n 140180-01-01
TSO-C74D dayton-granger, inc. vl10-856
TSO-C74D garmin international model gtn 650, p/n 011-02256-0, model gtn 650 nv, p/n 011-02256-a, model gtn 750 nv, p/n 011-02282-a, model gtn 750, p/n 011-02282-0
TSO-C72C regent aerospace corp. 883137-201
TSO-C6E garmin international model gdu1500, p/n 011-01108-0 through-4, model gdu 1040h, p/n 011-00972-2, model gdu 1040a, p/n 011-00916-0 through-4, model gdu 1040, p/n 011-00972-0,-1,-3 and-4, model gdu 1042, p/n 011-01080-0 thr...
TSO-C60B sagem avionics, inc (canc... model r-50i pn 453-1050-00,-01,-02, model fms 5000 pn 453-1055-02, model fms 5000 pn 453-1055-03, model fms 5000 pn 453-1055-04, model fms 5000 pn 453-1055-05, model fms 5000 pn 453-1055-00, model fms...
TSO-C5F sagem avionics, inc icds-8a, p/n 453-0550-8xx, icds-8a, p/n 453-0550-8x
TSO-C5E northrop grumman, litton ... 465020-0400-0400, 465020-0400-0401, 465020-0400-0600, 465020-0400-0601, 465020-0400-0602, 465020-0400-0603
TSO-C5E honeywell international i... p/n nh2198 where nh2198am01 is the first in a series
TSO-C59A rockwell collins model dcmr-6000, p/n 810-0179-002, model dcmr-6000, p/n 810-0179-003
TSO-C59A rockwell collins model imat-6000, p/n 810-0181-2b0001, model imat-6000, p/n 810-0181-1j0501, model imat-6000, p/n 810-0181-1j0001, model imat-6000, p/n 810-0181-1e0001, model imat-3700, p/n 810-0352-001, imat-6000, p/...
TSO-C54 honeywell international, ... eb7033339-00101 software id mm7031351-002
TSO-C52B rockwell international av... icc-3110, 822-2190-001, icc-3111, 822-2191-001
TSO-C50B avtech corporation 5630-1 mod b
TSO-C4C northrop grumman, litton ... 461995-02, 461995-03
TSO-C49A eldec corporation 9-128028-01
TSO-C47A instrument specialties co... 9017
TSO-C47A avidyne corporation 530-00205
TSO-C46A l-3 communications avioni... dcm-3900, p/n 9230-34012-01
TSO-C45B l-3 communications avioni... 9010-20403 where 9010-20403-01 is the first in the series
TSO-C45B electronics international... rflm-4-12/24
TSO-C44C sagem avionics, inc 453-0550-6x(x)
TSO-C44B eldec corporation 9-127205-101, 9-127105-01-999, 9-127105-04?999, 9-127119-02, 9-127135-01, 9-127135-02, 9-127278-101, 9-127171-01, 9-127278-01, 9-127135-04, 9-231114-04, 9-231244-02, 9-127167-01
TSO-C43C l-3 communications avioni... 9200-22600 where 9200-22600-01 is the first in the series
TSO-C43A ultra electronic flightli... model 9a2820-1
TSO-C40C garmin international p/n 011-02078-0{}
TSO-C40C avidyne corporation 700-00156 pn 700-00156
TSO-C39C ki holdings co., ltd. ars-610, p/n 83236b18836-416, ars-704, p/n 83258b18846-456
TSO-C39C timco aerosystems b1010ss, p/n 70791-463 b1010ss, p/n 70791-463 b1010ss, p/n 70791-463
TSO-C39C ki holdings co., ltd. ars-862 (for seat position only), p/n 83294b19312-452
TSO-C39C ki holdings co., ltd. p52b41, p/n p5241b4a404-402, p52b41, p/n p5241b4a408-402
TSO-C39C timco aerosystems b1000ss, p/n 70591-652 b1000ss, p/n 70591-652 b1000ss, p/n 70591-652
TSO-C39C brice manufacturing co. b1010ss, 70791-401 b1010ss, 70791-401
TSO-C39C timco aerosystems b1000ss, p/n 70593-651 b1000ss, p/n 70593-651 b1000ss, p/n 70593-651
TSO-C39C ki holdings co., ltd. ars-697, p/n ya2nh-20064-404
TSO-C39C b/e aerospace inc. be16.0-2-43, 1015579-105ge04
TSO-C39C ki holdings co., ltd. ars-694, p/n 83246b17228-405
TSO-C39C timco aerosystems b1010ss, p/n 70672-411 model b1010ss, p/n 70672-411 b1010ss, p/n 70672-411 b1010ss, p/n 70672-411
TSO-C39C zodiac seats uk ltd p/n s41(x)06-002-(xxx), p/n s41(x)06-002-(xxx)
TSO-C39B ki holdings co., ltd. ars-601, p/n 83237b10029-404, ars-601, p/n 83237b10033-404
TSO-C39B ki holdings co., ltd. ars-647, p/n 83253b11199-447, ars-647, p/n 83253b15483-447
TSO-C39B ki holdings co., ltd. ars-704, p/n 83258b12422a448, ars-704, p/n 83258b12422-448
TSO-C39B ki holdings co., ltd. ars-657, p/n 83254b11351-404
TSO-C39B ki holdings co., ltd. ars-415, p/n 178-5387-402
TSO-C39B ki holdings co., ltd. ars-659, p/n 83256b11636-454
TSO-C34C wulfsberg electronics div... model cd-412b, p/n 071-1343
TSO-C2D astronautics corp. of ame... p/n 273714 where 273714-1 is the first in a series
TSO-C23D butler parachute systems,... 2101-3
TSO-C201 garmin international gmn-01127, p/n 011-03094-2
TSO-C201 garmin international gmn-01127, p/n 010-01127-99
TSO-C1B kidde aerospace 30-326-1
TSO-C16A united technologies aeros... model 2015t, p/n 2015t
TSO-C169A garmin international model gdu1240a, model gdu 1500, model gdu 10xx
TSO-C169A dayton-granger, inc. vf10-10-1
TSO-C166B honeywell international i... model tpa-100c, p/n 940-0352-001, model tpa-100c, p/n 940-0352, model tpa-100c, p/n 940-0452-001, model tpa-100c, p/n 940-0452
TSO-C165 universal avionics system... 3040-05
TSO-C157A garmin international model gtn 750, p/n 011-02282-5, model gtn 650, p/n 011-02256-5
TSO-C153 honeywell international, ... model gio-200 p/n 7025365
TSO-C148 hi-shear corp. hst1072, hst1071, hlt796, hlt791, hlt92, hst1572, hst71, hl198, hl274, hl491, hl1598, hlt182, hl595
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems kfnm583
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems rza11945
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems crg960sb11fl
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems model ca358048-3
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems crt915sb22l
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems tr24009, tr24010, tr24014-xxx, tr24018, tr24019, tr24021, tr24022, tr24023, tr24024, tr24030, tr24005, tr24032, tr24038, tr24043-524, tr24043-624, tr24043-720, tr24029, tr24120, tr23122-mjx(l), tr2312...
TSO-C147 avidyne corporation 700-00007-xxx w/software p/n 530-00120-000, 700-00004-1xx
TSO-C139 garmin international model gma 350h, p/n gpn 010-00871-1 and 010-00871-99, model gma 350h, p/n gpn 011-02385-1
TSO-C127A c&d zodiac 41271001-109, 41271001-105, 41221001-129, 41221001-125, 41142001-155, 41142001-169, 4114, 4114 41142001-181,-183, 41142001-179, 41142001-177, 41142001-171,-173, 41142001-167, 41142001-165, 41142001-16...
TSO-C127A timco aerosystems model b3500, p/n 3503189-421 model b3500, p/n 3503189-411
TSO-C127A b/e aerospace inc. model 1002289-051ak01, model 1002289-003ak01, model 1002289-041ak01, model 1002289-031ak01, model 1002289-025ak01, model 1002289-024ak01, model 1002289-023ak01, model 1002289-022ak01, model 1002289-02...
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. ars-710, p/n 83269b17995-403
TSO-C127A c&d zodiac inc 41286002-205
TSO-C127A sicma aero seat 23263(x)(x)-(x)(xx), 23263(x)(x)-(x)(xx)
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. ars-642, p/n 83248b10760-412
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. ars-847, p/n 83222b18670-404
TSO-C127A pac seating system, inc. model (f)s2415
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. ars-694, p/n y5241b7t341-402
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. ars-644, p/n y1157b3c352-401
TSO-C127A c&d zodiac 41412017-101
TSO-C123A l-3 communications s161-1390-00, s161-0020-00, s161-0020-10, s161-0030-00, s161-0030-70, s161-0040-00, s161-0050-00, s161-0080-00, model s161 p/n s161 model s162 p/n s162 model s261 p/n s261
TSO-C11D kidde aerospace 894105
TSO-C118 frc component products in... ah-3000-1
TSO-C115B l-3 communications avioni... gh-3900.2, p/n 9200-34600-0301(first in series)
TSO-C110A avidyne corporation 530-00209
TSO-C10B l-3 communications avioni... fds-5200, 9200-22400 where 9200-22400-0101 is the first in the series, 9200-22400 where 9200-22400-0101 is the first in a series, fds-5200
TSO-C10B l-3 communications avioni... esi-1000, 9200-32100 where 9200-32100-0101, 9200-32100-0201, 9200-32100-1001are the first in a series, model esi-2000, 9200-32500-0021 [fixed wing, black bezel], model esi-2000, 9200-32500-0031 [rotor...
TSO-C106 rockwell collins model adc-3020, p/n 822-2504-003/-004, adc-3020/822-2504-001/-002, adc-3000, p/n 822-1109-133, 822-0389-468/-469/-668/-669
TSO-C106 innovative solutions and ... p/n 9-b81010-55

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