Yageo Board Level Electronic Components List

Yageo electronic parts such as ZC0204FKE07680R, ZC0204FKE078K25, ZC0204FKE131K8, 0603CG6R8CBB200, 0603CG6R8D9B200 are in stock and ready to ship from Veritable Aviation. Our extensive catalog of parts with their corresponding part numbers and a short description such as 0603 Npo 50V +/- .5Pf Chip Cap , Res 464 Ohm 1/10W .1% Smd 0603, Res 4.64K Ohm 1/10W .1% Smd 0603, Res 432 Ohm 1/8W .1% Smd 0805 Thin Film Resistors - Smd 1/8W 432 Ohm .1% 25Ppm, Res 464 Ohm 1/8W .1% Smd 0805 is at your disposal immediately. At Veritable Aviation, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have made it our goal to revolutionize the parts procurement process. To see our innovative way of doing business, submit an RFQ below.

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Part No Description QTY RFQ
4.02K OHM 0805 1 T NA Avl RFQ
ZC0204FKE073K NA Avl RFQ
ZC0204FKE07562K NA Avl RFQ
ZC0204FKE07680R NA Avl RFQ
ZC0204FKE078K25 NA Avl RFQ
ZC0204FKE131K8 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG6R8CBB200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG6R8D9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG6R8J0B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG6R8J9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG6R8K9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG750F9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG750J9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG758B9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG759C9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG7R5C9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG820G9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG820J0B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG820J8B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG820J9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG820J9B3 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG820J9CB0 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG820K9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG821K9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG829B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG829C9B20 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG829C9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG829D9B200 0603 npo 50v +/- .5pf chip cap Avl RFQ
0603CG8R2B9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG8R2C9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG8R2D9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG8R2F9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG910J9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CG919C9B200 NA Avl RFQ
0603CGOR5B9B200 NA Avl RFQ
9T06031A4640BBHFT res 464 ohm 1/10w .1% smd 0603 Avl RFQ
9T06031A4641BAHFT res 4.64k ohm 1/10w .1% smd 0603 Avl RFQ
RT0805BRD07432RL res 432 ohm 1/8w .1% smd 0805 thin film resistors - smd 1/8w 432 ohm .1% 25ppm Avl RFQ
RT0805BRD07464RL res 464 ohm 1/8w .1% smd 0805 Avl RFQ
RT0805BRD07470RL res 470 ohm 1/8w .1% smd 0805 thin film resistors - smd 1/8w 470 ohm .1% 25ppm Avl RFQ
RT0805BRD0753K6L res 53.6k ohm 1/8w .1% smd 0805 thin film resistors - smd 1/8w 53.6k ohm .1% 25ppm Avl RFQ
2238 578 11109 NA Avl RFQ
2238 578 11523 NA Avl RFQ
2238 578 11525 NA Avl RFQ
223858015534 NA Avl RFQ
2238 580 15545 NA Avl RFQ
223858015614 NA Avl RFQ
2238 580 15615 NA Avl RFQ
223858015618-PHY NA Avl RFQ
2238 580 15619 NA Avl RFQ
223858015621 NA Avl RFQ
223858015621-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015623 NA Avl RFQ
223858015623-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015624-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015625 NA Avl RFQ
223858015625-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015626 NA Avl RFQ
223858015627-PHY NA Avl RFQ
2238 580 15628 NA Avl RFQ
223858015628-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015629 cap 0805 3.3nf 10% x7r 50v Avl RFQ
223858015629-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015632 NA Avl RFQ
223858015632-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015633-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015635 NA Avl RFQ
223858015635-PHY NA Avl RFQ
2238 580 15636 NA Avl RFQ
223858015636-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015637-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015638-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015639 rohs cap,cer,0.018uf,50v,x7r,10%,0805 Avl RFQ
223858015639-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015641-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015642-PHY NA Avl RFQ
223858015643 NA Avl RFQ
FRM-50JR-52-470R res fuse metal 470 ohm 1/2w 5% Avl RFQ
FRM-50JR-52-47R res fuse metal 47 ohm 1/2w 5% Avl RFQ
FRM-50JR-52-56R res fuse metal 56 ohm 1/2w 5% Avl RFQ
FRM50SGR-52-18R res fuse metal 18 ohm 1/2ws 2% Avl RFQ
FRM50SGR-52-270R res fuse metal 270 ohm 1/2ws 2% Avl RFQ
FRM50SGR-52-330R res fuse metal 330 ohm 1/2ws 2% Avl RFQ
FRM50SGR-52-33R res fuse metal 33 ohm 1/2ws 2% Avl RFQ
FRM50SGR-52-510R res fuse metal 510 ohm 1/2ws 2% Avl RFQ
FRM50SJR-52-12R res fuse metal 12 ohm 1/2ws 5% Avl RFQ
FRM50SJR-52-180R res fuse metal 180 ohm 1/2ws 5% Avl RFQ
FRM50SJR-52-27R res fuse metal 27 ohm 1/2ws 5% Avl RFQ
FRM50SJR-52-330R res fuse metal 330 ohm 1/2ws 5% Avl RFQ

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