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Avx Corporation Board Level Electronic Components List

Avx Corporation electronic parts such as 00 8283 021 100 003, 0603ZC561MAT2A, 08051A200J4T2A, 06035A820KAT4A, 08055C682MAT4A are in stock and ready to ship from Veritable Aviation. Our extensive catalog of parts with their corresponding part numbers and a short description such as Cap Cer 820Pf 100V 10% X7r 0805 820Pf 100V ¦10% X7r Surface Mount Mlcc -55¦C ~ 125¦C Automotive Aec-Q200 0805 (2012 Metric) 0.079"" L X 0.049"" W (2.00Mm X 1.25Mm) - - 0.037"" (0.94Mm) - - Tape & Reel (Tr) -, Cap Cer 7500Pf 50V 5% X7r 0805 7500Pf 50V ¦5% X7r Surface Mount Mlcc -55¦C ~ 125¦C General Purpose - 0805 (2012 Metric) 0.079"" L X 0.049"" W (2.01Mm X 1.25Mm) - - 0.037"" (0.94Mm) - - Tape & Reel (Tr) -, Cap Cer 470Pf 50V 10% X7r 0805 470Pf 50V ¦10% X7r Surface Mount Mlcc -55¦C ~ 125¦C General Purpose - 0805 (2012 Metric) 0.079"" L X 0.049"" W (2.01Mm X 1.25Mm) - - 0.037"" (0.94Mm) - - Tape & Reel (Tr) -, Cap Cer 560Pf 10V 20% X7r 0603 560Pf 10V ¦20% X7r Surface Mount Mlcc -55¦C ~ 125¦C General Purpose - 0603 (1608 Metric) 0.063"" L X 0.032"" W (1.60Mm X 0.81Mm) - - 0.035"" (0.90Mm) - - Tape & Reel (Tr) -, Cap Cer 20Pf 100V 5% Np0 0805 20Pf 100V ¦5% C0g Np0 Surface Mount Mlcc -55¦C ~ 125¦C Automotive Aec-Q200 0805 (2012 Metric) 0.079"" L X 0.049"" W (2.01Mm X 1.25Mm) - - 0.037"" (0.94Mm) - - Tape & Reel (Tr) - is at your disposal immediately. At Veritable Aviation, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have made it our goal to revolutionize the parts procurement process. To see our innovative way of doing business, submit an RFQ below.

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Part No RFQ
08051C821K4T2A RFQ
08055C752JAT2A RFQ
08055C471KAT4A RFQ
00 8283 021 100 003 RFQ
0603ZC561MAT2A RFQ
08051A200J4T2A RFQ
06035A820KAT4A RFQ
08055C682MAT4A RFQ
06033C562K4T2A RFQ
06035A680KAT4A RFQ
12061C102KAT4A RFQ
12061A3R9DAT2A RFQ
00 8283 021 200 001 RFQ
04025U300GAT2A RFQ
08055C561K4T2A RFQ
CM105X5R475K06AT RFQ
06033A530JAT2A RFQ
06031C392MAT2A RFQ
06031C162JAT4A RFQ
06031C221MAT9A RFQ
12065A7R5DAT2A RFQ
06035A200JAT2A RFQ
08051A470K4T2A RFQ
06031C821K4T2A RFQ
12065A1R0DAT2A RFQ
08051A390KAT4A RFQ
12065A3R9DAT2A RFQ
06031A4R7CAT7A RFQ
06033AR51D4T2A RFQ
08051A471K4T2A RFQ
08055A201MAT2A RFQ
08055C202JAT2A RFQ
06033A471K4T2A RFQ
08051A270KAT4A RFQ
0603YC104KAT A RFQ
08051A6R3DAT2A RFQ
06035A2R9CAT2A RFQ
06032U100KAT2A RFQ
08055C331KAT4A RFQ
06035A240J4T2A RFQ
06031A120KAT2A RFQ
0603YC102MAT4A RFQ
08051C153MAT4A RFQ
08051C561MAT2A RFQ
08055A3R3DAT2A RFQ
06031C512JAT4A RFQ
06035A3R3K4T2A RFQ
06031A4R7C4T2A RFQ
08051A7R5DAT2A RFQ
06035AR82CAT2A RFQ
06035A221K4T2A RFQ
06031C102M4T2A RFQ
06035A750JAT2A RFQ
06035A331K4T2A RFQ
08053C331MAT2A RFQ
0603YC104KAT24A RFQ
0603YC104KAT2A-C RFQ
06035A8R2C4T2A RFQ
08055C183K4T2A RFQ
08055C153K4T2A RFQ
06031C621MAT2A RFQ
0.8055A680JAT2A RFQ
06035C222MAT4A RFQ
00-8016-038-000-619 RFQ
08055A200KAT2A RFQ
06035C472MAT4A RFQ
06035A6R8C4T2A RFQ
04023C101MAT2A RFQ
06031AR82CAT2A RFQ
12061C681MAT2A RFQ
06031A200J4T2A RFQ
12061A270JAT4A RFQ
06035A510JAT2A RFQ
06035A2R0C4T2A RFQ
12061C512KAT2A RFQ
08053A202JAT2A RFQ
12061C103KAT4A RFQ
08055C562JAT4A RFQ
06031A331KAT4A RFQ
06035C201KAT2A RFQ
08051C221K4T2A RFQ
12061A1R0DAT4A RFQ
08055C104K4Z4A RFQ
06031U100KAT2A RFQ
08055A6R2DAT2A RFQ
08055A8R2DAT2A RFQ
06033A181K4T2A RFQ
0.01MF 50V RFQ
08055C561KAT4A RFQ
08051C501MAT2A RFQ
04023C331MAT2A RFQ
04025U270GAT2A RFQ
06035A300JAT4A RFQ
06035A330KAT4A RFQ
0603YC682MAT2A RFQ
12061A7R5DAT2A RFQ
12065A5R6DAT4A RFQ
08051C153K4T2A RFQ
08052C122K4T2A RFQ
08051C331MAT2A RFQ
12065C183KAT4A RFQ
04023C103MAT2A RFQ
08055A8R0DAT2A RFQ
0603ZC102MAT4A RFQ
06031A3R0C4T2A RFQ
08055C111JAT2A RFQ
08051A4R0CAT4A RFQ
08055C223K4T2A RFQ
06031A181K4T2A RFQ
06031C472K4T2A RFQ
06031AR51D4T2A RFQ
06031C332M4T2A RFQ
06033A221K4T2A RFQ
06031C621MAT4A RFQ
08055A331K4T2A RFQ
06035C221K4T4A RFQ
08051A1R5DAT2A RFQ
0.8055E104ZAT2A RFQ
06035A360JAT2A RFQ
08053C333K4T2A RFQ
08053A5R6DAT2A RFQ
06033A100D4T2A RFQ
08051A3R0DAT2A RFQ
06031A2R2C4T2A RFQ
06036A300JAT2A RFQ
12063C104MAT2S RFQ
08055A151KAT4A RFQ
00 8283 021 200 000 RFQ
06035C151MAT4A RFQ
08055A6R8DAT2A RFQ
06035A271K4T2A RFQ
08051C822KAT4A RFQ
06033F103KAT2A RFQ
08051A1R2DAT2A RFQ
08055C681KAT4A RFQ
08051A6R2DAT2A RFQ
12061A6R8DAT4A RFQ
06035A3R0C4T2A RFQ
06035A200JAT4A RFQ
06031C202JAT4A RFQ
08051A5R7DAT2A RFQ
06031A100D4T2A RFQ
06033A6R8JAT2A RFQ
12065A2R7DAT2A RFQ
08051A300KAT2A RFQ
04025U140GAT2A RFQ
06031U270KAT2A RFQ
VE17M01750K RFQ
0603YA240JAT4A RFQ
06031A6R8JAT2A RFQ
06035A500JAT2A RFQ
04023A100MAT2A RFQ
08051C561K4T2A RFQ
08055C152K4T2A RFQ
06035A300JAT7A RFQ
06035A6R0DAT4A RFQ
08051A2R2DAT2A RFQ
06035A220KAT4A RFQ
08056A6R3DAT2A RFQ
0603YA471KAT2A RFQ
0603YA331K4T2A RFQ
06031A820KAT2A RFQ
08051A3R3DAT2A RFQ
08052C561K4T2A RFQ
06035C562K4T2A RFQ
06035A300JAT2A RFQ
00-8289-016-004-113 RFQ
08055A5R0DAT2A RFQ
08051A200KAT2A RFQ
08056A3R3DAT2A RFQ
08055A221KAT4A RFQ
06031C272K4T2A RFQ
12061A5R1DAT2A RFQ
06031A220MAT2A RFQ
08051A2R4DAT2A RFQ
0603YA101K4T2A RFQ
08055A6R8KAT2A RFQ
08055A101KAT4A RFQ
0603YC392K4T2A RFQ
06035C331K4T4A RFQ
08051C271K4T2A RFQ
0603YC221JAT2A RFQ
06031A300J4T2A RFQ
06031C182MAT2A RFQ
08055C561MAT2A RFQ
06033AR75CAT2A RFQ
08051A101MAT4A RFQ
08055A101MAT4A RFQ
06035A2R2C4T2A RFQ
08051A3R6DAT2A RFQ
06031C562MAT2A RFQ
12061C561KAT2A RFQ
06031C221MAT2A RFQ
06031C222K4T2A RFQ
06031A4R9CAT2A RFQ
12061C682KAT4A RFQ
06035C751KAT2A RFQ
0603YA200JAT2A RFQ
08053A5R6KAT2A RFQ
06031C102K4T2A RFQ
04025U150GAT2A RFQ
06031A1R2C4T2A RFQ
08051A181K4T2A RFQ
06031C221K4T4A RFQ
08055A7R0DAT2A RFQ
0603YC470KAT4A RFQ
06035A270KAT4A RFQ
06031C821MAT2A RFQ
08051A5R0DAT2A RFQ
08055C221KAT4A RFQ
08053A8R2KAT2A RFQ
06035C102K4T4A RFQ
06031C332MAT2A RFQ
12065C473KAT4A RFQ
06035C472K4T4A RFQ
0603YC681MAT2A RFQ
06035F102KAT2A RFQ
12065A6R8DAT4A RFQ
04023C182MAT2A RFQ
4.6244E13 RFQ
06031A8R2CAT7A RFQ
08055C393K4T2A RFQ
08055A8R2KAT2A RFQ
06031A240J4T2A RFQ
06031A4R0KAT2A RFQ
06035C471K4T4A RFQ
12065C333KAT4A RFQ
08051C122K4T2A RFQ
08051A2R0DAT2A RFQ
08051A180K4T2A RFQ
06031C222ZAT2A RFQ
06033A331K4T2A RFQ
0805YA200KAT2A RFQ
04023C102MAT2A RFQ
08055A510J4T2A RFQ
08051C822K4T2A RFQ
12061C152KAT4A RFQ
06031C101MAT2A RFQ
08055C802JAT2A RFQ
06035A100D4T2A RFQ
00-8016-038-504-602 RFQ
06031AR47CAT2A RFQ
08053C102K4T2A RFQ
06035C332MAT4A RFQ
08055C821KAT4A RFQ
08053A242JAT2A RFQ
08055A2R4DAT2A RFQ
08055C821K4T2A RFQ
00-8016-038-504-507 RFQ
08055A2R2DAT2A RFQ
08055A200J4T2A RFQ
08051C183K4T2A RFQ
04023C122MAT2A RFQ
06035A3R9C4T2A RFQ
08055C561JAT2A RFQ
06035AR47CAT2A RFQ
06031C152K4T2A RFQ
08055A7R5DAT2A RFQ
06031A8R2C4T2A RFQ
06031A221JAT4A RFQ
06035A620JAT2A RFQ
12061C472KAT4A RFQ
06035C301KAT2A RFQ
06031A5R1D4T2A RFQ
08051A220K4T2A RFQ
12065C153KAT4A RFQ
0603YC222KAT2T RFQ
06031A6R2C4T2A RFQ
08051A6R2CAT4A RFQ
08055A8R0DAQ2A RFQ
08051A3R0CAT4A RFQ
08051A150J4T2A RFQ
06031A530JAT2A RFQ
06035A1R2C4T2A RFQ
06031A3R9C4T2A RFQ
08055A1R2DAT2A RFQ
06031A331K4T2A RFQ
12061C272MAT2A RFQ
08055A4R7DAT2A RFQ
08052C501MAT2A RFQ
12063C104ZAT2S RFQ
08055A1R0DAT2A RFQ
06035A181K4T2A RFQ
06031C392K4T2A RFQ
08055C103MAT4T RFQ
06035A131KAT2A RFQ
12063C104MAT4S RFQ
0.805YC224KAT2A RFQ
08051C510KAT2A RFQ
04025U220GAT2A RFQ
00-8016-038-504-707 RFQ
08055A510KAT2A RFQ
08051C223KAT4A RFQ
08051C272K4T2A RFQ
08055C473K4T2A RFQ
12065A6R2DAT2A RFQ
0603YC104KAT * @ROHS RFQ
08053C473K4T2A RFQ
08055A2R2CAT4A RFQ
08055C101MAT4A RFQ
0.8055C103KAT2A RFQ
08055A151KAT9A RFQ
06031A390KAT2A RFQ
12061C392KAT2A RFQ
12065A5R1DAT2A RFQ
08051A750KAT2A RFQ
06035A240JAT4A RFQ
06031A680KAT2A RFQ
08055C301JAT2A RFQ
08053C391JAT2A RFQ
06033A100CAT2A RFQ
06035F472KAT2A RFQ
06031A5R0C4T2A RFQ
0603YA471K4T2A RFQ
06031C361KAT4A RFQ
08051A510KAT2A RFQ
08051A751KAT2A RFQ
12063A101JAT2A RFQ
08051C183KAT9A RFQ
06035A7R0DAT2A RFQ
08051A7R0KAT4A RFQ
08051A8R2DAT2A RFQ
06035A530JAT2A RFQ
08055C391JAT2A RFQ
08051C223K4T2A RFQ
08051A1R0DAT2A RFQ
06031C182K4T2A RFQ
0603YA101KAT4A RFQ
06033A4R7KAT2A RFQ
08051A470MAT4A RFQ
04025A240JAT4A RFQ
06031A6R8C4T2A RFQ
06031C471MAT2A RFQ
08055A270KAT4A RFQ
08055C122K4T2A RFQ
04025U240GAT2A RFQ
06033F103K4T2A RFQ
04025U180GAT2A RFQ
08053A182JAT4A RFQ
08055C501MAT2A RFQ
06035A240JAT2A RFQ
06033A9R1D4T2A RFQ
0603YA100DAT2A RFQ
0603ZC272MAT2A RFQ
06031A470MAT2A RFQ
0603YC222KAT2R RFQ
06036C120KAT4A RFQ
08055A150J4T2A RFQ
08055A2R0DAT2A RFQ
06031C222M4T2A RFQ
06035A4R9CAT2A RFQ
12061A5R6DAT4A RFQ
12063A1R0DAT4A RFQ
06035A430JAT2A RFQ
06031A6R0CAT4A RFQ
08055A3R0DAT2A RFQ
06035A471K4T2A RFQ
06033A151MAT2A RFQ
12065C123KAT4A RFQ
0805YC102K4T2A RFQ
08051A9R1DAT2A RFQ
08051A4R7DAT2A RFQ
08051A820KAT4A RFQ
0603YA151KAT2A RFQ
0603YC181MAT2A RFQ
06035C392MAT4A RFQ
06035C682KAT7A RFQ
0603YC431KAT2A RFQ
06031C182JAT2A RFQ
06031C222MAT2A RFQ
0603YC472MAT4A RFQ
0603YC103MAT4A RFQ
08055A5R6DAT2A RFQ
06035C471KAT4J RFQ
06035A1R0C4T2A RFQ
00 8261 0249 00 878 RFQ
08051A6R0CAT4A RFQ
06033A5R1D4T2A RFQ
06031C681K4T2A RFQ
08055C5R7KAT2A RFQ
00 6208 520 030 000 RFQ
06033C222ZAT4A RFQ
06035A6R2C4T2A RFQ
00-6007-086-453-012 RFQ
0603YC272MAT2A RFQ
12061C332KAT4A RFQ
06031C331K4T4A RFQ
12061A9R1DAT2A RFQ
06035C101MAT4A RFQ
06031C182M4T2A RFQ
06031A151K4T2A RFQ
08051A511JAT2A RFQ
08051C103M4T2A RFQ
06035A6R2DAT2A RFQ
08053A471K4T2A RFQ
06035C101KAT4A RFQ
06035A820JAT7A RFQ
08052C221K4T2A RFQ
06035A4R7C4T2A RFQ
08051A911JAT2A RFQ
3901401-1529 RFQ
0603YC561MAT2A RFQ
08055C271K4T2A RFQ
06031A3R3C4T2A RFQ
12061A6R2DAT2A RFQ
08055A510MAT4A RFQ
12065A9R1DAT2A RFQ
08055A9R1DAT2A RFQ
06035A3R6DAT2A RFQ
08051A680KAT4A RFQ
0805YC301JAT2A RFQ
06035A151K4T2A RFQ
04023C221MAT2A RFQ
0603YC562K4T2A RFQ
08055A471K4T2A RFQ
08055C272K4T2A RFQ
12061C222KAT4A RFQ
0603YC223KAT A RFQ
08055A5R6KAT2A RFQ
12065A5R0DAT2A RFQ
04023C222MAT2A RFQ
08053C153K4T2A RFQ
06031A1R0C4T2A RFQ
08051C153KAT4A RFQ
12061A2R7DAT2A RFQ
12065C223KAT4A RFQ
06031C332K4T2A RFQ
06031A9R1D4T2A RFQ
08055C822K4T2A RFQ
06033A100KAT2A RFQ
08055A3R6DAT2A RFQ
0805YC474MAT4A RFQ
06031C472ZAT2A RFQ
06031C331MAT2A RFQ
12061C242KAT2A RFQ
0805ZC301JAT2A RFQ
00-8016-038-000-620 RFQ
06035A910JAT2A RFQ
08055A1R5DAT2A RFQ
06031A271K4T2A RFQ
08055A300KAT2A RFQ
08051A180KAT4A RFQ
08055A6R8DAQ2A RFQ
06035A5R0C4T2A RFQ
08053A510KAT4A RFQ
12063A1R0DAT2A RFQ
06033C512JAT4A RFQ
06035A9R1D4T2A RFQ
06031C471K4T4A RFQ
06035A300J4T2A RFQ
04023C151MAT2A RFQ
06031C361KAT2A RFQ
08053A150J4T2A RFQ
06035A200J4T2A RFQ
08053C223K4T2A RFQ
06031A5R9CAT2A RFQ
12061A390JAT4A RFQ
06031A2R0C4T2A RFQ
06035A4R0KAT2A RFQ
08051A7R0CAT4A RFQ
08055C331MAT2A RFQ
08055A181KAT4A RFQ
06031C122K4T2A RFQ
08051A5R6DAT2A RFQ
08055A5R7DAT2A RFQ
06033F102KAT2A RFQ
VC121048H101RP RFQ
08055A271K4T2A RFQ
08055C103ZAT4T RFQ
06031A3R6DAT2A RFQ
12061C202KAT2A RFQ
06031C682MAT2A RFQ
12061A5R0DAT2A RFQ
08051A8R0DAT2A RFQ
0603YA101MAT4A RFQ
06035A3R3C4T2A RFQ
06031C152MAT2A RFQ
06035C221MAT4A RFQ
08055A4R7DAQ2A RFQ
0.8055C471JATNA RFQ
06031C472MAT2A RFQ
12061A1R0DAT2A RFQ
12061C362KAT2A RFQ
06031A560KAT2A RFQ
08051A7R0DAT2A RFQ
0603YC223KAT2 RFQ
00-8016-038-504-702 RFQ
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